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Windows 7 Home Premium, Internet Explorer 9 and Microsoft Office 2010

Get the best software package for a stellar windows experience on your laptop pc. There’s nothing more amazing than a worry-free operating system coupled with hassle-free a office pack and a safe & secured internet browser.

The Windows 7 Home Premium makes it super easy to manage a home network and share all of your favorite photos, videos, and music. You can even watch, pause, and rewind TV or record it to watch whenever and wherever you want. For the best entertainment experience, choose a PC with Windows 7.

Windows 7 allows Your Desktop or Laptop PC to be Simplified

– This OS comes with improved PC navigation features like Snap, Peek and Shake, make it easier to manage all of your open windows.
– You can find virtually anything on your PC–from file documents to mp3/mp4 songs to email– just by typing a word or two with Windows Search.
– W7 home Premium is designed to make your PC sleep and resume quicker.
– You can watch, pause, rewind and record TV with Windows Media Center to watch whenever and where ever you want.


Get a Faster, Safer Web with a New PC and Internet Explorer 9

– IE9 has features that helps protect against identity theft and malicious software with SmartScreen Filter.
– Your favorite movies, TV, and videos look better and run more smoothly.

Create, Connect, and Share with Windows Live

Windows 7 and Windows Live bring it all together for free. Get the free set of programs that make it simple to create and share amazing photos and movies, organize mail, and stay connected with your closest friends.

– You get free online storage with Windows Live SkyDrive.
– Anybody can sync files on your PCs automatically with Windows Live Mesh.
– Everyone can share photos during video chats with Windows Live Messenger.
– Even beginners can easily edit photos. Combine the best parts of multiple photos into one perfect photo with Photo Fuse.

You can download Windows Live for FREE at

Complete Your PC Experience with Microsoft Office 2010

– Includes reduced functionality versions of Microsoft Word and Excel with advertising. (Note that PowerPoint or Outlook are not included.)
– Purchase Office 2010 today and get the most out of your new PC.

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