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Will Unlocked US SmartPhones Really Benefit US Consumers

Majority of US consumers are clamoring and insisting on US Mobile Carriers to offer Unlocked Smartphones bundled with their monthly plans. The intention ofcourse is to not be dependent on a single carrier. Flexibility and being able to switch network provider is one of the top reasons many demands an unlocked phone.

The major mobile carriers, argued in their statement that they need to be able to recoup the cost of the subsidy that reduces the initial purchase price of the handset. Another issue with the different carriers is the compatibility of phones with different bands and technologies used by each network.

Sprint uses a CDMA backbone and relies on the 1900 MHz and 800 MHz spectrums. While AT&T and Verizon both use the GSM network, they rely on different portions of the 700 MHz spectrum. Then T-Mobile makes room in the 1700 MHz band for its LTE network. Both AT&T and T-Mobile would use the 1900 MHz spectrum for their HSPA+ networks.

This technical interoperability issue makes it harder for consumers to switch carriers while keeping the same phone.The mobile smartphone you had purchased from one network would not work with another mobile carrier. In the end result, most consumers really don’t stand to benefit so much from unlocked smartphones.

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