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The New iPhone 5 Problems, Bugs and Complaints

The New iPhone 5 Problems, Bugs and Complaints

The much awaited release of Apple iPhone 5 smartphone has been welcomed both with delight and thrilling for many while dissatisfaction for some. As expected, it presents a more powerful processor with enhanced graphic displays, better battery life and much improved iOS 6 software. Technically its good mobile phone, but a couple of physical & mechanical defects, and application bugs ironically have been reported.


Here are some of the iPhone 5 Problems and Bugs that have surfaced since its public release.

Defective Aluminum casing
There were many complaints from users that the new iPhone 5 gets scratches very easily. Thus, most users would prefer to protect their touchscreen smartphone by placing a casing hood. Then there are the worse case scenario where the iPhones would be delivered with damaged chassis. Its just good that one can replace the unit with another non-defective one.

Irritating Screen Flicker
You would really suffer much tension with the much irritating flickering of the screen. A couple of horizontal lines also have been seen moving in the display interface. The unlucky ones would observe this defect along the entire screen.

Annoying Light Leak on Edges
For a very costly phone, you would not expect light to peep out along the phone’s edge and from the unlock button. Some iPhone 5 owners just choose to ignore this annoying defect. Its a sure manufacturing defect that should have been caught during its early production.

4G Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues
The Apple iPhone 5 features 4G Wi-Fi access, but it somehow automatically goes down to 3G connection at times. This broadband connectivity problem happens even though 4G connection is within the accessible range.

Unreliable Map Application
By default, the iPhone 5 has a pre-installed Map App for use as a sort of travel assistant while on the road. Yet this sleekphone suffers from plenty of problems such as mismatched naming, missing transit directions, missing roads and streets. Most iPhone users would just seek better alternatives like Google Maps which provides better road assistance.

Many have already claimed iPhone 5 replacement in mall stores where the smartphone have been bought. But the hazzle and additional effort of replacing a defective phone for a new one is time-consuming and not consumer freindly. Apple corporation should learn from this mistakes inorder to claim its once proud title of leading smartphone vendor in the US.

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  • The iPhone is not a perfect phone. It has its problems but nothing major like what you will find in Samsung Galaxy, Nokia or HTC phones.

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