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The new Google+ Mobile App (for iPhone) Community

The latest social media network Google+ , helps the mobile users get easy access to its community thru its newly relased Google+ Mobile App for iPhone. This latest application for the iOS device comes fully loaded with great features yet remains clean with smart functionalities and has tight design. This mobile app displays animated GIFs, is easy to navigate and learning it is a breeze.

The Google+ community network, continues to attract mostly technology enthusiasts and writers, consumer business brands, and few groups. This is mediocre and lacking diversity compared to its bigger rival Facebook which is chock full of friends, family members, colleagues, business acquaintances, co-workers, and many professional friends.

Google+ Mobile app for iPhone Communities

Besides the conventional ways of interacting with any social network, Google+ Mobile App for iPhone has blossomed into a serious app and puts forth a few uniquely named additions, such as Hangout and Communities.

Also, all your photos are divided into four groups: Instant upload, Photos from posts, Profile photos (Google Blogger blogs images), and Google image hosting services (like Picasa) photo albums. The Google+ Mobile App made sure all your photos all come together and can be accessed from one place.

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  • This is another great app for iPhone. It just gets easier for us to share our photos and videos to the world not just in our home town in United States.

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