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Sony VAIO VPCEB3JOEWI.CEK Reviews, Specs & Sale Price

The new Sony VAIO VPCEB3JOE/WI.CEK excellently designed laptop features an Intel Core i3-370M 2.4 GHz CPU processor, 4 GigaByte DDR3 internal RAM module, 15.5-inch WXGA LCD widescreen display screen with resolution of 1366×768 pixels, an integrated Intel HD Graphics chipset, and a decent-sized 320 GigaByte 5,400 rpm SATA hard disk storage drive. This 2.7 Kg…

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Sony Vaio VPCEA46FM/B & Sony Vaio VPCEA46FM/W on Sale

Sony corporation unveiled their newest multimedia laptops. The Sony Vaio VPCEA46FM/B and Sony Vaio VPCEA46FM/W both features 2.53 GHz Intel core i3-380M dual core CPU processors, 4 GigaByte installed RAM module, 14-inch LCD Display screen with resolution of 1366×768 pixels, and an extra large 640 GigaByte Hard Disk space. These 5-hour life Sony Vaio VPCEA46FM/B…

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Sony VAIO VPC-EB31FX-BJ 2.0 GHz P6100 on Sale

The recently released Sony VAIO VPC-EB31FX/BJ great performance laptop features enhanced hardware specs. This Sony VAIO VPC-EB31FX/BJ notebook boasts of an Intel Pentium P6100 2.0 GHz dual-core CPU processor, 4 GigaByte DDR3 internal RAM module, 15.5-inch LED-backlit display screen with resolution of 1366×768 pixels, includes a large 500 GigaByte 5,400rpm SATA hard disk storage drive,…

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Newly released Sony Vaio notebooks boasts of pretty decent specs at amazingly good sale prices. The Sony VAIO VPCEB33FX/T & Sony VAIO VPCEB33FX/BJ laptops sports an Intel Core i3-370M 2.40GHz CPU processors, 4 GigaByte installed RAM module, 15.5 inch LED widescreen display with 1366×768 pixels resolution, Intel HD graphics chipset, and a large 500 GigaByte…

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Sony seems to always give high-quality high-speed with low-power-consumption laptops these days. The latest released Sony VAIO VPCEB3TFX/T and Sony VAIO VPCF137FX/B notebooks packs the latest Intel Core i3/i7 hardwares, half a terabyte hard disk storage drives, high resolution displays capable of 720p HD media viewing, plus HDMI port, VGA-out, ExpressCard/34 slot, and high speed…

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Sony VAIO VPC-F136FMB with Firewire & 4G WiMax on Sale

Sony Corporation recently announced the latest Sony VAIO VPC-F136FMB multimedia laptop that features a bright 16.3-inch LCD widescreen display with resolution of 1,600×900 which is good for 720p HD movies, a powerful 1.73 GHz Intel Core i7-740QM CPU processor, 6 GigaByte internal DDR3 RAM module, a discrete nVidia GeForce GT 425M graphics chipset with 1GB…

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Sony VAIO VPCEB2Z0E with Wi-Fi, Blu-ray & HDMI

The newly launched well-crafted Sony VAIO VPCEB2Z0E compact laptop comes packed with a 15.5-inch display with resolution of 1366×768 pixels, and powered by an Intel Core i3-350M processor, 4 GigaByte DDR3 RAM module, Intel HM55 Express Chipset, a speedy 320 GigaByte SATA hard drive, and an integrated Intel HD Graphic chipset. This latest Sony VAIO…

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