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SOL Republic Master Tracks Customizable Look Headphones

The new SOL Republic Master Tracks customizable headphones comes with stylish earcups which are fully removable and audio cable also replaceable and available in different colors as well. This SOL Republic Master Tracks is very much a handsome pair of headphones, coupled with the soft leather surfaces that adds a touch of luxury to the audio device.

When using the Master Tracks from SOL Republic, songs with serious level of sub-bass frequencies, can be reproduced with thunderous lows with distortion-free quality audio even at top volumes levels. While at more moderate to high volumes, the deep bass is perfectly delivered cleanly and smoothly.

The SOL Republic Master Tracks really delivers a solid clean audio with big bass sounds. Comes available at a very reasonable retail sale price of $199. The fully removable headband and cable, adds a luxury value to its well designed style. The Master Tracks are definitely well worth your investment.

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