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SMS Audio Street Deep Bass by 50 DJ Headphones

The SMS Audio Street headphones, an impeccable set of headset by 50 DJ, features a solid deep bass response, distortion-free pair of DJ-friendly unit. It is offered in different color and design options with huge memory foam ear pads which are comfortable despite its weight.

This 50 DJ SMS Audio Street comes with innovative hinges that can flip away both ear cups. The helpful feature while DJ-ing. It has the ability to flip entire portion of the headband above the ear cup. This can lock in either position so you don not need to hold ear cup while it is positioned away from the ear.

The Audio Street headphone set, is very well celebrity-endorsed, and so comes availavle at a retail price range of $299. Its a powerful headset with removable cables which can be plugged into either ear cup as a value-added bonus feature. This is truly the best pair for all bass lovers.

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