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New Release Sega’s Sonic Dash for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Its a game everyone can enjoy playing. Its simple and easy to learn. Sega’s new game release, the new Sonic Dash for iOS devices provides everyone the basic game for mobile phones featuring sonic the popular Hedgehog in an endless running gameplay and boldly attempts to promise enough variety in amazing environment and challenging obstacles to keep you playing and coming back for more.

Sonic Dash needs a few actions, namely moving left or right, which automatically aligns with one of three lanes. He has the ability to jump to avoid spikes and pits, and Sonic is capable of rolling in order to get under gaps and destroy enemies. There is also the tapping on fish to homing attack over big pits, and another sliding gestures to do optional stunts when switching between areas. Its pretty repetitive and easy to master.

Sonic Dash offers two different terrains to conquer. The Green Hills Zone-style grass and the Aquatic Ruin Zone-style ancient ruins. This two terrains are almost identical, offering same type of obstacles and the same number of enemies between them.

This iOS game presents main currencies as gold and red rings. The gold rings can be used for upgrades like dash meter speed and length of ring magnet pickups and temporary bonuses such as letting you get a head start of some distance. You can also earn red rings (rarely) by performing objectives like running a certain distance or destroying certain enemies with your roll. The red rings can be used to unlock Tails, Knuckles, or to buy revive tokens that let you keep running after you fall.

Sonic Dash for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch delivers good graphics and considerably smooth framerate. And the game retails for only $1.99. This running and jumping mobile game aims to offer enough challenges to keep you glued and finish all obstacles and enemies within the game.

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