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Razer Kraken Pro Most Comfortable Gaming Headset

The new Razer Kraken Pro headphones focuses on comfort and simplicity while also delivers great sound quality. This Razer Kraken Pro gaming headset also includes a USB audio processor, analog sound, and very pleasant to wear easpecially for long gaming sessions.

The Kraken Pro has large and lightweight over-the-ear cups and memory foam padding. This allows the headset to fit securely on your head with comfort and ease. The headphone unit is available in black color and eye-burning neon green color models.

This Razer headset version doesn’t have any volume controls. All volume adjustments have to be made through the connected device whether its a mobile smartphone, tablet or personal computer. The included boom microphone works fine, with an easily adjustable bending arm. Your voice would definitely sound clear and crisp while using this.

This Razer Kraken Pro headphones is very comfortable, powerful, and gives truly clear bass sounds. Features that are extremely important for a gaming device. Unit can be bought at a very low $80 price tag. Its fairly easy to setup with a nice build and fine audio quality.

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