Yup. You read it right. The original full version Angry Birds release can be downloaded for FREE for iOS device users. The best thing now are the additional 15 new levels for more enjoyability of game play for both iPad and iPhone owners.


The first Angry Birds release took grip of the world of mobile gaming when it became the world’s most popular mobile game. But the recent scenario places the once No.1 game slide down to the top 80 highest-grossing apps. This bold move is an effort by Rovio, makers of Angry Birds game, to jump start new users/downloaders.

The full angry Birds games are now part of the freemium games offer from the online store. The free game however requires in-app purchase for some features like the unlimited use of Mighty Eagle or Birdquakes, which shake the piggies houses down on top of them.

Download the Angry Birds game app today. As we aren’t sure if the price drop goes permanent or just a temporary measure to increase gaming downloads.