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Mailbox App for iPad, iPad Mini and Mobile iOS Devices

These newly released Mailbox app for iOS devices promises a well organized email management system for all iPad and Ipad Mini versions of different iOS devices. This software dubbed the Mailbox app can easily be taken or downloaded from the iTunes Apple App store. It remains now still listed under the iPhone apps but do not worry since this is the full-sized iPad version. Mailbox application gives iPad users basic gestures to complete actions for different types of messages whether you want to respond, file away, archive, delete, or push the messages off until later.

Here are some of the simple gestures you can use on messages inside Mailbox app:

1. A long swipe to the right deletes a message.
2. A short swipe to the right marks a message as having been completed (so it can be archived).
3. A short swipe to the left snoozes a message, and you can mark when it should reappear in your inbox.
4. A long left swipe files the message into the folder of your choice.

This new Mailbox version for iPad devices is definitely great news for all those who found it useful for their iPhone. Retail price would set you back $329. Its a good alternative for many gmail users whu prefers to have a well-managed email system and clutter-free inbox.

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