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Jays v-Jays On-Ear Headphones with Crisp Highs Rich Bass

The Jays v-Jays quality headphones delivers solid preformance and are extremely lightweight and comfortable. This on-ear pair of affordable and stylish Jays v-Jays audio headphones comes with crisp audio levels and an amazing bass response. You woun’t get any sound distortion up to about 80 percent. while you can notice only minimal distortion at 100% volume level.

This 2.1 oz Jays v-Jays includes foam covers for the rounded-corner square earpieces which are very comfortable. This headphone can be adjusted to provide a secure fit without pushing hard on your ears or scalp. This on-ear piece has a thin felt band along the underside of the headband that keeps it fit and secured. The v-Jays fold down at hinges just above each ear, and both the hinges and the sliding headband move gracefully.

This Jays v-Jays black colored headphones offers an affordable earpiece audio at a market retail sale price of $59. Its a good buy. Unlike other headphones at the same price range, the audio quality of this one has minor distortion on deep bass tracks when cranked at top volumes.

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