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Instagram Photo-Editing-Sharing App for iPhone and iPad

Here comes the much awaited Instagram App for iOS devices. All iPhone and iPad users will be impressed with its premium photo-editing features which includes photo enhancement filters, selective focus/tilt-shift effects, auto-adjust lighting and much more. But the most stricking component of this iPhone photo app is its photo-sharing capability with the social community.

Instagram app users now reached the 100 million mark and still growing. It somehow got the right recipe of features that caused the app to really take off immensely. It offers a total of 19 effect filters, which constitute simple Black&White, artistic styles, retro film techniques and cross processing. This is somewhat limited in number compared to other mobile photo sharers yet this small amount of fun filters became an instant hit with many fans and users.

If anybody wants to join or sign up with the Instagram App you can just tap the “Use Your Facebook” button. This will instantly populate all the required fields. You also have the alternate option of creating an account by using an email address then choose a user name and password. Its now fairly simple and easy to learn and navigate.

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