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How to Turn Off Push Email On Your iPhone 5 and Save Battery Power

Push Email makes it more convenient when you want to always know whether you have receive email. But it might present problems for your iPhone because it is turned to always on. When you use Push Email, your iPhone 5 would check your email more frequently, and the more power it uses. Since the handset constantly receives emails, this will drain your battery power faster than it normally should.


To solve this, you can tweak the iOS phone’s settings to check email less frequently or only when you manually request it.

1. First, navigate to the Settings menu.
2. Then tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
2. Tap Fetch New Data.
3. Toggle Push to Off. This disables email from being pushed to your iPhone in real-time.
4. Tap Manually so that a check mark appears next to it. An you’re done.

Now, your iPhone 5 will only get new data when you manually go into your Mail app and check. Just remember that the less you check your iPhone Mail app, the longer your battery power would last.

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