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How to Tour OFF Ads on Windows 10 Lock Screen Disable Monetized Settings

Windows 10 now has Spotlight feature wherein advertisements appears on your desktop or laptop’s lock screen. This is what Microsoft has chosen to generate revenue after offering Free Upgrade. Well, you can turn it OFF and disable the feature if you want.

Windows 10’s new Spotlight feature that usually shows you clean and beautiful photographs and fun facts on your lock screen, but now started displaying advertisements to over 200 Million devices running Windows 10.

The ads are not as annoying as the Windows 10 privacy concerns related to the way Microsoft collects your personal data, the good news is that you can turn the ads OFF.

Windows 10 Download to its users: Monetize the Lock Screen.

You may have noticed an advertisement appearing on your desktop or laptop’s lock screen over the past couple of days.

Some Windows 10 users have reported seeing ads for Rise of the Tomb Raider with links to Windows Store from where users can purchase the video game. Microsoft started selling the game last month.

The advertisements are because of the Windows Spotlight feature in your Personalization settings.
If you don’t want to see these intrusive ads, follow the steps given below to disable Windows Spotlight:

Open the Start Menu and look for ‘Lock Screen Settings.’
Under ‘Background,’ Choose either ‘Picture’ or ‘Slideshow,’ instead of Windows Spotlight.
Now, Scroll down to ‘Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen’ and uncheck this box.

Windows 10 lock screen turn off ads and disable feature on settings

If you are Th2 user your Lock Screen Menu is like this.

How To Disable Ads lock screen Windows 10

By default, these advertisements are turned ON for your lock screen, which is definitely a clever way to offer companies to reach their customers, without mentioning the word ‘advertisements’ to the Windows users.

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