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How to Security Guide for Android Mobile : Keeping Your Android Smartphone Safe and Secure

Android phone users has increased at a fast steady rate due to the many beneficial features of this smartphones. The Android OS is simple, has plenty of available free apps and most of the time cheaper than similarly spec brand.

Yet, with its success, there comes also the availability of existing malwares and spyware. Its relatively new and most users aren’t aware of the risk that comes along with their Android Smartphones.

Here are a number of Android Safety and Security techniques you can do:

1. The Android Locator App. There a plenty of Android locator applications that takes advantage of you phones built in GPS to track its location. These software apps are easy to super easy to use and has the ring out alarms feature or send your location data on email features whenever you can’t find it.

2. Pattern Lock Phone feature. This features makes use of connecting dots that form a unique pattern known only to you. When you swipe your fingers across to connect the dots, only then can you access the phone. This unique pattern acts as your secret key. This capability gresatly reduces the chances of other people accessing your phone. To activate it, just go to the Settings menu, then Open Location and Security, and then Go to ‘Set Unlock Pattern’. There are also the so called Android Security Lock App tools available for use. These are extremely useful measures for a more secure mobile phone.

3. 4-Digit Pin for Store Access. The Android market allows for any third party app to be download. And there are hundred of thousands of apps to choose from a few of which can be a potential malware or spyware waiting to be downloaded to your device. Also having your Google Wallet to be synced with your credit cards is a huge mistake and a sure way to loose money. To greatly prevent anyone other you access to Android market, just setup a 4 digit pin through the ‘User Controls’ option that only you knows.

4. App Info and Permissions. Just be knowledgeable and informed about any application you may want to download to your Android mobile phone. Read reviews, user comments and any customer feedbacks before using it. Also, regularly check on what a certain app is doing. Always check the actual app permissions to verify if it is doing any potential harm to your Android phones.

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