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Tutorial on How to Know your Blackberry IMEI / MEP ID with Download links

This is your Free Tutorial on how to know your Blackberry phone IMEI #. This Blackberry tutorial will also help you to see your Blackberry MEP ID.

What is Blackberry MEP?
MEP ID is NOT your Unlock Code! The MEP is a serial number identifier of the operator (provider) of the Blackberry. But you will need this MEP code to unlock your blackberry device.

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Blackberry IMEI Identifier

What you need:

Laptop or Desktop (PC)
Blackberry Phone
Blackberry Informations Reader Software (Download link) (Skip Ad)

Note: You computer must have blackberry drivers installed. If not, you can download BB drivers here.


Connect your phone to the computer
To read the MEP (MEP ID) and the IMEI of your BlackBerry
Run the “Blackberry Informations Reader Software”
Click “Read Phone”

or you can simply press *#06# on your Blackberry Phone to know your IMEI #.

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