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History of Life on Earth Quiz 2

Understanding the definition and relevance Geologic Time Scale. Identify the different Life forms that diversified and dominated during specific time intervals. Studying fossils, fossil types and several methods of measuring the age of fossils.

Welcome to your History of Life on Earth Quiz 2

During which era did reptiles and amphibians evolve for the first time?
What is a fossil mold?
Which item is an example of preserved remains?
Marine fossils have been found in exposed rock layers in South Carolina. Which of the following is the best interpretation of this discovery?
During which era did birds evolve for the first time?
Who studies fossils?
Some scientists think that a meteor caused the dinosaurs to die and become ___________________.
If you examine a rock sample and observe fossils in it, what type of rock does the sample represent?
Some fossils are _____________, which form when pressure drives off the gases and liquids from an organism's tissues, leaving only the carbon behind.
Which item would look most like an ancient organism?
Fossils also form when _________in groundwater replace the tissues of dead organisms.
What is the space called when an organism decays inside a rock?
The single land mass that existed about 245 million years ago is named what?
Which item is NOT a fossil?
Which is the correct order of geologic time?
An organism is more likely to become a fossil if it contains ____________ parts such as teeth or bones.
__________________is the time it takes for half of the radioactive atoms in an element to decay.
Which object would most likely become a fossil?
How do we know dinosaurs existed?
________________ show evidence of the activity of ancient organisms, such as tracks or nests.
Which of the following do fossils reveal about the Earth?
_______________is the method of determining the absolute ages of rocks.
Based on Evolution, what was probably the first organism on Earth?
Which item is a trace fossil?
When did mammals become the most dominant organisms?

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