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Guide on How To Flash Custom ROMs of Rooted Android Tablets & Phones

Many went and bought an Android device for its flexibility, openness and freedom to tinker with all its programs and features. One such interesting feature is the ability to gain root access. And one good benefit of having a rooted Android Phone or Android Tablet is the option of flashing another Custom ROM for use in your device.

So what is s Custom ROM you ask. This is the operating system being used by your Android which is totally different from the stock OS that came with the device. Many would say flashing a Custom ROM in your Android allows you to gain more processing power, battery life, camera quality and much more.

When flashing Custom ROMs using CWM or any other methods into your device, it is recommended that you download Custom ROMs from XDA developers as it is the more trustworthy online source for Android development. You need to have a rooted Android device before you are able to flash a new Android ROM. If you do not have any idea how to root your phone/tablet we highly recommend you look for the tutorial and guide on how to root your Android.

Here’s the Procedure and Guide on How to Flash Custom ROMs of Rooted Android Devices:

1. Visit the XDA Developers Forum. Then simply enter your device name or manufacturer in the search bar.
2. Then Click on the Android Development option in the sub forum for your device.
3. Look for any Custom ROMs for your device and choose the one with better positive feedbacks from previous users who flashed that particular ROM on their device. Download the Custom ROM.
4. Copy the ROM into your Android’s SD card. You have the option of keeping it inside a folder.
5. Then Boot into Clock Work Mod (CWM) recovery. If you have no idea how to Boot into CWM, we recommend you look for the tutorial and guide on how to Boot into CWM as the process is very different for each device.
6. Navigate in CWM by using Volume rocker keys and select by using the center key. Then Click on “Wipe data/reset”. The click on Confirm in the next step.
7. After being able to wipe data, click on “Wipe Cache Partition”. Then Confirm this action in the next step.
8. Proceed to Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache. Confirm your action in the next step.
9. Then navigate to advanced > Wipe Battery Stats.
10. Go back to the main menu and click on “Install ZIP from SD card”.
11. Then select the Custom ROM you downloaded earlier. Confirm your action in the next step.
12. You may observe that your Android device may boot 1-2 times during the installation process. It is a normal process and nothing to be panicked.
13. After the installation process, click on “Reboot System Now”. The first reboot with your new Custom ROM might take some time for about 3-4 minutes.

Congratulations, you have successfully flashed a Custom ROM. You can tinker with all of its new features, and enjoy the new and better functionality. To flash a different ROM, just redo all the steps mentioned above.

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