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FREE Vine Video Sharing App for iPhone

The free to download Vine app, owned by Twitter, is video sharing application that allows you to add video to your tweets. You can register or sign in the Vine website by using your Twitter account, or alternatively you can create a new Vine account using an email address. And more conveniently, you actually wouldn’t need to actually provide your Twitter credentials, the software application can access your iPhone’s settings and get them.


This Vine application limits the videos posted to only 6 seconds. The videos produced may be quite jerky or choppy and not really high quality productions. This Vine app seems to be well-designed with just a simple interface. Its truly an innovative new way to create and present video via Twitter. The Vine app for iPhone is Free to Download now.

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  • This is good for all Tweeter user as we will not be confine to just text tweets. We can now embed photos and videos to all our followers

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