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The New Flickr 2014 No.1 Free Digital Photo Online Storage

Everyone in the industry has realized that Flickr now boasts as the Number 1 free internet storage for all of your digital images and photos. Flickr 2014 offers an amazingly large online storage (1 TeraByte) for FREE for everyone. Flickr offers to provide the best and most useful tools to better organizing your images, and proud to have a great community features with every photo interest groups. Flickr users also receives geo-tagging and people-tagging features that’s great for social media functionality.

New subscribers can sign-up using Yahoo Id, Facebook or Google account. The new Flickr home page shifts the focus back from recent activities-comments and favorites and towards the more important photos. This shows a justified design, with infinitely scrolling view of your contacts’ top and your own recent images and photos shown in black background. You would also notice that the larger images and photos takes center stage.

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