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FingerPrint 2 iPad/iPhone to Windows/Mac via Wi-Fi

This new application adds to the number of ways you can print from Apple phones and tablets. The FingerPrint 2 allows you to print from an iPhone or iPad any document going to any Windows/Mac printer connected within your network.


The program makes use of the iOS devices’ basic AirPrint functionality to access these printers. And the best thing about this is you have the capability to print via your Wi-Fi network as well as USB-connected printers (as long as they’re connected to a PC on the network).

The FingerPrint 2 software program can be installed on any Windows OS or Mac OS X computers. After installation, the connected printers automatically becomes AirPrint compatible. The application retails for only $19.95 per licensed computer.

FingerPrint 2 allows iPhone or iPad owners in a home or office network systems prints to devices with non-AirPrint printers (such as Ethernet or USB-connected models). Just make sure your iOS device and printers are within the same Wi-Fi network.

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