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Dell Inspiron I15N-2818OBK Reviews & Sale Price

The new Dell Inspiron I15N-2818OBK laptop offers a practical solution to our daily home and business needs. This I15N-2818OBK model Dell Inspiron notebook inspires not just the technology adept but also those with minimal know-how. The specs include an Intel Core i3-380M dual-core 2.53GHz CPU processor, a standard 4GB DDR3 RAM module, 15.6-inch WLED HD…

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Asus X54L-BBK2 Core i3-2330M 2.2GHz on Sale

This latest Asus X54L-BBK2 laptop comes strongly beyond expectations. This X54L-BBK2 model Asus notebook would surely delight many with its sure-to-win features and simplistic design. Specs include an Intel Core i3-2330M 2.2GHz dual-core CPU processor, an internal 4 GigaByte DDR3 memory module, with the always impressive newest released integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000. The 15.6-inch…

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HP Pavilion dv6-6173cl Reviews, Specs & Sale Price

Hewlett-Packard just announced the new dv6-6173cl model HP Pavilion. Boasting of quad-core engine, the HP Pavilion dv6-6173cl laptop packs a superb double-punch of high-end CPU with high-memory graphics. This portable pc runs on a 8 GB memory module, features Intel Core i7-2670QM 2.2 GHz CPU processor side-by-side with the switchable AMD Radeon HD 6770M with…

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Asus K53E-RBR4 on Sale with Intel Core i3-2330M

Asus just released its new K53E-RBR4 model laptop. The Asus K53E-RBR4 makes capability and affordability stick together in one handsome choco-brown machine. This Asus notebook boasts of a 15.6-inch widescreen LCD display with 1,366×768 pixel resolution, a more powerful Intel Core i3-2330M 2.2 GHz CPU processor. This rig includes 6 GigaByte internal DDR3 RAM, integrated…

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Asus P43E-XH31 Core i3-2330M 2.2GHz on Sale

The newly released Asus P43E-XH31 laptop that is decently-designed with a capable feature set perfect for the home or business. This P43E-XH31 model Asus notebook offers excellent performance of CPU and display while delivering hard to resist battery life. This Asus machine comes packed with an Intel Core i3-2330M 2.20GHz CPU Processor, 4 GigaByte DDR3…

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HP Pavilion dm4-2180us Reviews, Specs & Sale Price

The recently released HP Pavilion dm4-2180us laptop comes packed with an Intel Core i5-2430M 2.4 GHz CPU processor, 6 GigaByte RAM module, 14-inch LCD Widescreen display with 1,366×768 pixels resolution capable of 720p HD media playback, an integrated Intel GMA HD graphics chipset, and a 640 GigaByte Hard Disk storage Drive. This 4.33 lb HP…

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HP Pavilion dv6-6145dx Reviews, Specs & Sale Price

Hewlett-Packard released recently their latest HP Pavilion dv6-6145dx laptop with superior graphics with top-of-the-line audio system. The HP dv6-6145dx notebook sports an AMD A8-3500M 1.5 GHz CPU processor, 8 GigaByte internal RAM, 15.6 inch Widescreen LCD display, a discrete AMD Radeon HD 6620g graphics chipset, and an extra large 640 GigaByte 5,400rpm HD storage capacity….

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Sony VAIO VPC-Z214GX Core-i7 on Sale

The new Sony VAIO VPC-Z214GX laptop marks a very strong entry with its impressive speed, excellent ultrathin design and outstanding display best for gaming and video editing. This Sony Vaio notebook comes packed with an Intel Core i7-2620M 2.7 GHz CPU processor, 4 GigaByte internal RAM module, 13.1 inches LCD widescreen display with 1,600×900 pixels…

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HP Pavilion dv7-6154nr and HP Pavilion dv7-6153nr Quad-Core Reviews, Specs & Sale Price

The HP dv7-6153nr Pavilion and HP dv7-6154nr Pavilion laptops serves up plenty of cutting edge technology offering lots of multimedia features at a very a reasonable price. These Hewlett-Packard notebooks pack an impressive feature set such as an AMD Phenom II P960 quad-core 1.80GHz mobile CPU processor with 2MB L2 Cache, 8 GigaByte DDR3 RAM…

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Sony VAIO VPCEG15FX/B E-Series Core-i5 on Sale

The new Sony VAIO VPCEG15FX/B laptop comes built with the latest Wireless connectivity & display technology that allows it to perform great everyday. THe Sony VAIO VPCEG15FX/B notebook features an Intel Dual Core i5-2410M 2.3 GHz CPU processor, 4GB DDR3 internal memory module, a 14-inch LED-backlit display screen with resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels,…

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