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The New iPhone 5 Problems, Bugs and Complaints

The New iPhone 5 Problems, Bugs and Complaints The much awaited release of Apple iPhone 5 smartphone has been welcomed both with delight and thrilling for many while dissatisfaction for some. As expected, it presents a more powerful processor with enhanced graphic displays, better battery life and much improved iOS 6 software. Technically its good…

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Temple Run 2 (for iPad) FREE Download Now

Temple Run became an instant hit among all mobile phone, iPad and tablet owners due to its unique game play and more engaging qualities with its constant movement and sense of speed for every player. Now the highly recommendable Temple Run 2 promises the same fun, addictive and action packed game-play yet with better visual…

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Jazwares Star Wars Darth Vader Earbuds a Soft Bass In-Canal Toy Earphones

Perfect for all Star Wars fanatics and Darth Vader gadget collectors. This toy earphones by Jazwares offers an inexpensive yet comfortable design for the young and young at heart. This Jazwares Star Wars Darth Vader Earbuds is available in an all-black design model that includes a rubber Darth Vader mask on each earpiece. You also…

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SOL Republic Master Tracks Customizable Look Headphones

The new SOL Republic Master Tracks customizable headphones comes with stylish earcups which are fully removable and audio cable also replaceable and available in different colors as well. This SOL Republic Master Tracks is very much a handsome pair of headphones, coupled with the soft leather surfaces that adds a touch of luxury to the…

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Serif PhotoPlus X6 Photo Editing Tool for Windows

Whether you’re a professional photoeditor, a hobbyist, designer, painter, blogger, or a student, you should try the PhotoPlus X6 from Serif. This powerful photo editing software offers many of the more popular features from expensive app’s, including filters, layers, selections, masks, image adjustments, level and curve adjustment, GIF animation, Geo-tagging and text tools. This new…

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Duolingo Language-Learning iPhone App for Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese

There many language-learning mobile apps available but nothing beats the Duolingo iPhone App. First of all, its FREE and then this software application delivers features even better than many paid apps like Living Language iPad app and Babbel mobile app. The Duolingo app available for web and iPhone devices give you the best lessons for…

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Jays v-Jays On-Ear Headphones with Crisp Highs Rich Bass

The Jays v-Jays quality headphones delivers solid preformance and are extremely lightweight and comfortable. This on-ear pair of affordable and stylish Jays v-Jays audio headphones comes with crisp audio levels and an amazing bass response. You woun’t get any sound distortion up to about 80 percent. while you can notice only minimal distortion at 100%…

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Twitter App for iPhone Mobile Free Download

The Twitter social media site remains one of the most attractive and active social networks in the internet today. There is an increasing trend in number of tweets from iPhone and other mobile devices, thus, a Twitter App for mobile has become a necessary tool for both the phone or tablet user and the owner…

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Klipsch Image X7i Lightwieght Ceramic Earphones with Remote for Mobile Devices

The new Klipsch Image X7i earphones delivers a very satisfying audio quality music with its crisp highs and rich bass delivery. This lightweight ceramic-made Klipsch Image X7i earphones is a true winner with its smoothed, dark metallic tone design and the included inline microphone/remote which is compatible with most mobile devices. The Image X7i model…

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The new Google+ Mobile App (for iPhone) Community

The latest social media network Google+ , helps the mobile users get easy access to its community thru its newly relased Google+ Mobile App for iPhone. This latest application for the iOS device comes fully loaded with great features yet remains clean with smart functionalities and has tight design. This mobile app displays animated GIFs,…

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