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Awesome Note (+Todo/Calendar) for iPhone and iPad

This new app software for iOS devices grealty simplifies your need to organize your notes and to do list with excellent task management options and a graphical calendar. The Awesome Note (+Todo/Calendar) application tool allows for helpful customization for all tasks, schedules, chores and ideas. This Awesome Note software app allows users options for choosing…

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How to Security Guide for Android Mobile : Keeping Your Android Smartphone Safe and Secure

Android phone users has increased at a fast steady rate due to the many beneficial features of this smartphones. The Android OS is simple, has plenty of available free apps and most of the time cheaper than similarly spec brand. Yet, with its success, there comes also the availability of existing malwares and spyware. Its…

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Denon Urban Raver AH-D400 Headphones Amplified for Techno and Hip-Hop Music Tracks

The new Denon Urban Raver AH-D400 head-turner headphones with amplified mode presents a more textured and clearer audio music. This Denon Urban Raver AH-D400 headset with memory foam earpieces offers bouncier bass and punchier highs with for all you favorite tracks. You’ll surely experience above par sound quality especially in popular genres of hip-hop music…

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FileAudit 4 Business Tool for Windows Systems

Every business organization needs to have a software tool to audit files, folders and directories on order to efficiently check and validate data access, changes and permissions. The FileAudit 4 software application tool can effectively manage these processes automatically and includes report generation. The FileAudit 4 has the capability to audit personal or business computers…

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Netflix Unlimited Video On Demand Streaming Movies/TV for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows & more

Netflix one of the more popular site that delivers unlimited video streaming from a wide selection of media content. Thousands of Movies and TV shows available from its primary offering can be accessed via different free apps for multitude of devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, PlayStation Vita, Windows 8, Roku, Apple TV,…

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SMS Audio Street Deep Bass by 50 DJ Headphones

The SMS Audio Street headphones, an impeccable set of headset by 50 DJ, features a solid deep bass response, distortion-free pair of DJ-friendly unit. It is offered in different color and design options with huge memory foam ear pads which are comfortable despite its weight. This 50 DJ SMS Audio Street comes with innovative hinges…

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FREE Vine Video Sharing App for iPhone

The free to download Vine app, owned by Twitter, is video sharing application that allows you to add video to your tweets. You can register or sign in the Vine website by using your Twitter account, or alternatively you can create a new Vine account using an email address. And more conveniently, you actually wouldn’t…

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The New iPhone 5 Problems, Bugs and Complaints

The New iPhone 5 Problems, Bugs and Complaints The much awaited release of Apple iPhone 5 smartphone has been welcomed both with delight and thrilling for many while dissatisfaction for some. As expected, it presents a more powerful processor with enhanced graphic displays, better battery life and much improved iOS 6 software. Technically its good…

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Temple Run 2 (for iPad) FREE Download Now

Temple Run became an instant hit among all mobile phone, iPad and tablet owners due to its unique game play and more engaging qualities with its constant movement and sense of speed for every player. Now the highly recommendable Temple Run 2 promises the same fun, addictive and action packed game-play yet with better visual…

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Jazwares Star Wars Darth Vader Earbuds a Soft Bass In-Canal Toy Earphones

Perfect for all Star Wars fanatics and Darth Vader gadget collectors. This toy earphones by Jazwares offers an inexpensive yet comfortable design for the young and young at heart. This Jazwares Star Wars Darth Vader Earbuds is available in an all-black design model that includes a rubber Darth Vader mask on each earpiece. You also…

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