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Know the 8 Reasons for Poor WiFi Performance and Get Better Placement for Routers

Almost everyone uses WiFi to be able to access websites, social media sites or even to connect each others devices. Thus, speedy and uninterrupted wireless signal is critical to all our lives. And know how to make sure we get the best wifi signals means we also know the things to avoid doing. Reasons for…

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Firefox Memory Reducer – How to Speed up Browsing

The new Firefox Memory Reducer called Firemin can solve many problems accompanied when using firefox browser for windows operating system. Problems: Fix Mozilla Firefox Very Slow to Browse Fix Mozilla Firefox Immediately Force Close Fix Mozilla Firefox Crashed Always Fix Mozilla Firefox not capable for Multi Tab Solution: First download Firefox Memory Reducer here (Firemin)[Skip…

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Tutorial on How to Openline/Unlock any Blackberry for all Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular Subcribers

This is the easiest tutorial on how to Openline or Unlock any Blackberry mobile device in order to use any SIM CARD like Globe, Smart, Sun, ABS-CBN Mobile, Talk N/ Text and more. Here is the Blackberry Code Generator. Now you can unlock or Openline your Blackberry without going to a technician by doing it…

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Tutorial on How to Know your Blackberry IMEI / MEP ID with Download links

This is your Free Tutorial on how to know your Blackberry phone IMEI #. This Blackberry tutorial will also help you to see your Blackberry MEP ID. What is Blackberry MEP? MEP ID is NOT your Unlock Code! The MEP is a serial number identifier of the operator (provider) of the Blackberry. But you will…

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How to Tour OFF Ads on Windows 10 Lock Screen Disable Monetized Settings

Windows 10 now has Spotlight feature wherein advertisements appears on your desktop or laptop’s lock screen. This is what Microsoft has chosen to generate revenue after offering Free Upgrade. Well, you can turn it OFF and disable the feature if you want. Windows 10’s new Spotlight feature that usually shows you clean and beautiful photographs…

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How to Openline & Enter Unlock Codes on any Blackberry Mobile Phone model

Tutorial on How to Enter Unlock Codes on Blackberry Openline any Blackberry Mobile Phone or Smartphone Unlock Code Instructions for BlackBerry Cell Phones for All Networks In this tutorial on how to enter unlock codes into your BlackBerry cell phone you will be able to unlock your current provider such as SUN, SMART, GLOBE, Talk…

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The New Flickr 2014 No.1 Free Digital Photo Online Storage

Everyone in the industry has realized that Flickr now boasts as the Number 1 free internet storage for all of your digital images and photos. Flickr 2014 offers an amazingly large online storage (1 TeraByte) for FREE for everyone. Flickr offers to provide the best and most useful tools to better organizing your images, and…

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The Latest Apple iTunes 11 Best Source of Music & Video for 2014

The latest release Apple iTunes 11 provides a better, faster and cleaner interface design for all iTunes members, users and downloaders. Apple iTunes promises the largest catalog of video and music available in the internet. Its newly integrated iCloud services also makes your favorite music much more readily available. Apple iTunes now has support for…

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Mailbox App for iPad, iPad Mini and Mobile iOS Devices

These newly released Mailbox app for iOS devices promises a well organized email management system for all iPad and Ipad Mini versions of different iOS devices. This software dubbed the Mailbox app can easily be taken or downloaded from the iTunes Apple App store. It remains now still listed under the iPhone apps but do…

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Digg Digg – Social Media Sharing Plugin for WordPress

I’m pretty sure by this time you’ve heard of Digg Digg share buttons plugin. If your wp site does not use it, you’re probably missing out on one of the best all-in-one social sharing plugin for WordPress. Its really amazing. Digg Digg allows you to add easily display a floating social share buttons such as…

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