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Apple gives a huge discount for its iPhone battery replacement at $29

Apple wants to right things in order to have its customer base be spared of under powered processing speed due to insufficient battery power. This Apple controversy began last December, over iOS being programmed to artificially limit the processing capabilities of older iPhones when their batteries were deemed insufficiently powerful to keep up.

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Apple plans to buy Netflix for its movie streaming market

Many say that Apple will win as the choice of buying Netflix some time this year. This scenario which would certainly shake up the streaming scene. Such a purchase by Apple would increase its user base with a wide margin.

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Tutorial on How to Openline/Unlock any Blackberry for all Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular Subcribers

This is the easiest tutorial on how to Openline or Unlock any Blackberry mobile device in order to use any SIM CARD like Globe, Smart, Sun, ABS-CBN Mobile, Talk N/ Text and more. Here is the Blackberry Code Generator. Now you can unlock or Openline your Blackberry without going to a technician by doing it…

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Tutorial on How to Know your Blackberry IMEI / MEP ID with Download links

This is your Free Tutorial on how to know your Blackberry phone IMEI #. This Blackberry tutorial will also help you to see your Blackberry MEP ID. What is Blackberry MEP? MEP ID is NOT your Unlock Code! The MEP is a serial number identifier of the operator (provider) of the Blackberry. But you will…

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How to Openline & Enter Unlock Codes on any Blackberry Mobile Phone model

Tutorial on How to Enter Unlock Codes on Blackberry Openline any Blackberry Mobile Phone or Smartphone Unlock Code Instructions for BlackBerry Cell Phones for All Networks In this tutorial on how to enter unlock codes into your BlackBerry cell phone you will be able to unlock your current provider such as SUN, SMART, GLOBE, Talk…

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Will Unlocked US SmartPhones Really Benefit US Consumers

Majority of US consumers are clamoring and insisting on US Mobile Carriers to offer Unlocked Smartphones bundled with their monthly plans. The intention ofcourse is to not be dependent on a single carrier. Flexibility and being able to switch network provider is one of the top reasons many demands an unlocked phone. The major mobile…

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How to Turn Off Push Email On Your iPhone 5 and Save Battery Power

Push Email makes it more convenient when you want to always know whether you have receive email. But it might present problems for your iPhone because it is turned to always on. When you use Push Email, your iPhone 5 would check your email more frequently, and the more power it uses. Since the handset…

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Guide on How To Flash Custom ROMs of Rooted Android Tablets & Phones

Many went and bought an Android device for its flexibility, openness and freedom to tinker with all its programs and features. One such interesting feature is the ability to gain root access. And one good benefit of having a rooted Android Phone or Android Tablet is the option of flashing another Custom ROM for use…

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How to Security Guide for Android Mobile : Keeping Your Android Smartphone Safe and Secure

Android phone users has increased at a fast steady rate due to the many beneficial features of this smartphones. The Android OS is simple, has plenty of available free apps and most of the time cheaper than similarly spec brand. Yet, with its success, there comes also the availability of existing malwares and spyware. Its…

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The New iPhone 5 Problems, Bugs and Complaints

The New iPhone 5 Problems, Bugs and Complaints The much awaited release of Apple iPhone 5 smartphone has been welcomed both with delight and thrilling for many while dissatisfaction for some. As expected, it presents a more powerful processor with enhanced graphic displays, better battery life and much improved iOS 6 software. Technically its good…

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