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BIOMOLECULES Structure and Functions

Define DNA, RNA, and Proteins. Identify the functions of each molecule and compound. Determine the structures and corresponding uses and their importance in genetics, inheritance and heredity of children in the family next generations. Understanding Laws and Theories in Science.

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Its main function is the transcript / transformation of genetic information in the form of base sequence.
It is composed of one or more polypeptides and also contains a linear chain of several amino acids.
It is is composed of a phosphate group (with negative charges), a sugar portion and an N-base.
The sugar in DNA is ___________ while the sugar in RNA is _____________.
Convert the given DNA coding sequence into an mRNA transcript. 5' TAGAATC '3
It is the process by which RNA is made from DNA by the enzyme RNA polymerase.
Which of the Nitrogenous base can be found only in RNA but not in DNA.
Purines are a group of organic compounds containing two fused rings of carbon and nitrogen atoms. The two purine bases are ...
The DNA molecule is held together by
It contains the genetic material of cells, which are transferred from one generation of cells to the next generation.
One helpful application of Recombinant DNA technology is the Production of Human Insulin in what organism ?
Given the following coding sequence for DNA, provide the sequence of the complementary (template) sequence.

DNA Coding sequence : 5’ GGATACAGA 3’

Complementary Sequence :
Translate the given mRNA transcript into a polypeptide sequence.

Coding sequence ~ mRNA transcript : 5’ AGAUUACAU 3’

Polypeptide sequence :
Which of the following must happen first in order for DNA replication to occur?
The process by which DNA makes a copy of itself is called
RNA (Ribonucleic acid) differs from DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) in that
It is a single-stranded polynucleotides which transmits the genetic information.
One application of DNA Recombinant Technology in Agriculture is the disruption of a gene for a ripening enzyme. As a result, the fruits will survive longer transport time, allowing their delivery. What is this enzyme ?
It is a relatively simple and inexpensive tool used in molecular biology that amplifies a single copy or a few copies of a segment of DNA to produce specific DNA fragments and make millions of copies.
Pyrimidines are aromatic heterocyclic organic compounds with nucleic acid constituents such as ...

The more general name for these types or class of material is biological materials. These biological molecules are so important in all living organisms that life cannot exist if any of these molecules are missing. These Biomolecules have many unique properties that determine the way and how they contribute to the structure and function of cells, and on how they individually participate in the processes necessary to maintain life.

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