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Awesome Note (+Todo/Calendar) for iPhone and iPad

This new app software for iOS devices grealty simplifies your need to organize your notes and to do list with excellent task management options and a graphical calendar. The Awesome Note (+Todo/Calendar) application tool allows for helpful customization for all tasks, schedules, chores and ideas.


This Awesome Note software app allows users options for choosing from many colors, fonts, background images, and icons available. Multiple alternative choices can be used for all your notes and to-do lists. The additional calendar feature delivers a powerful well-designed graphical interface that presents users several ways to be reminded and view what’s due and when.

The Awesome Note (+Todo/Calendar) can be synchronized with Google Docs and Evernote applications, and allows for wireless data transfer to any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled device. Retail price is $3.99 for the complete bundled package.

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