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Everyone in the industry has realized that Flickr now boasts as the Number 1 free internet storage for all of your digital images and photos. Flickr 2014 offers an amazingly large online storage (1 TeraByte) for FREE for everyone. Flickr offers to provide the best and most useful tools to better organizing your images, and [...]

The latest release Apple iTunes 11 provides a better, faster and cleaner interface design for all iTunes members, users and downloaders. Apple iTunes promises the largest catalog of video and music available in the internet. Its newly integrated iCloud services also makes your favorite music much more readily available. Apple iTunes now has support for [...]

These newly released Mailbox app for iOS devices promises a well organized email management system for all iPad and Ipad Mini versions of different iOS devices. This software dubbed the Mailbox app can easily be taken or downloaded from the iTunes Apple App store. It remains now still listed under the iPhone apps but do [...]

I’m pretty sure by this time you’ve heard of Digg Digg share buttons plugin. If your wp site does not use it, you’re probably missing out on one of the best all-in-one social sharing plugin for WordPress. Its really amazing. Digg Digg allows you to add easily display a floating social share buttons such as [...]

Its a game everyone can enjoy playing. Its simple and easy to learn. Sega’s new game release, the new Sonic Dash for iOS devices provides everyone the basic game for mobile phones featuring sonic the popular Hedgehog in an endless running gameplay and boldly attempts to promise enough variety in amazing environment and challenging obstacles [...]

Yup. You read it right. The original full version Angry Birds release can be downloaded for FREE for iOS device users. The best thing now are the additional 15 new levels for more enjoyability of game play for both iPad and iPhone owners. The first Angry Birds release took grip of the world of mobile [...]

The new Jays a-Jays One+ stylish earphones presents an ideal device compatible with most mobile devices like Android smartphones and iPhones. This Swedish Jays a-Jays One+ model comes in all-black or all-white versions. It also includes an Android-only app, the Jays Headset Control that can be downloaded for free from Google Play. This software application [...]

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